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Flooring Estimating Services

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A flooring takeoff is a list of flooring material amounts organized by the floor finishes used in the project. Normal flooring takeoff services contain the square footage of tile, carpet, and wood flooring, as well as the longitudinal footage of clove base, the number of transitional strips, and so on. Measuring the quantity of flooring material for a big commercial building project may be a time-consuming operation. The companies , like us, are providing the flooring estimating services.

Furthermore, for major commercial activities, architectural estimating tools such as Planswift or Bluebeam, and others, are useful. So, we use them to do the job. Since you’re a busy flooring constructor or distributor, you also may outsource flooring estimate services to a competitive business such as ours. It can save you a good deal of time that you can devote to other aspects of bid management and the distribution network.

We have a staff of certified floor estimators that can estimate floor finishes fast and correctly. VCT tile, LVT tiles, carpet, rubberized tiling, wood floors, and so on are examples of this. Using innovative tools such as PlanSwift, our flooring estimators can effortlessly manage large commercial contracts. Our specialty is creating flooring estimates for flats, restaurants, hospitals, arenas, and colleges, among other places. Because we realize how important precision is in flooring measures, so, before the last delivery of our takeoffs, we want to spend additional time double-checking every other and every quantity. We can ensure that all of the quantities for a fruitful offer or material arrangement are correct in this manner.

What are the Flooring Estimating Services we are providing?

There are some of the following flooring estimates’ services that Paragon Estimation is providing.

  • VCT Tiles
  • LVT Tiles
  • Carpet
  • Wood Flooring
  • Rubber Flooring
  • Epoxy Flooring
  • Concretes Flooring
  • Stone Flooring
  • Laminate Floor
  • Transition Strips

What is our Flooring Takeoff process?

Measuring & Assessing area

Once you select our flooring estimating services, we first hit the takeoff process and start working from measuring and area analysis. We scan the existing flooring situations and determine the points of obstacles and regulations. Here, we also understand the desires of our clients.

Selecting Flooring Material

Following site assessment and identifying clients’ requirements, we start working on the selection of flooring material. At this stage, we consider aesthetics, budget boundaries, and clients’ expectations to execute the flooring estimating project flawlessly.

Quantifying Material

Once our estimators pick the best quality flooring installation material, then we calculate the quantity of material sufficient for the smooth journey of your complete project. During this phase, we consider waste production and cutting allowances so that we can calculate the estimate with an accurate quantity of material required. Likewise, we identify the labor demand to ensure that your project moves flawlessly.

Estimating Cost

After detecting the material quantities and labor need, we shift our attention to estimating the overall flooring installation project cost. It is a point where we add up all the flooring construction expenses, including materials, labor, permits, waste management, etc.

Presenting Estimates to Client

After detailed cost estimations and ensuring the accuracy of our estimates, we present the budget plan to our clients. We help them in reviewing all measurements, required materials and quantities, and cost estimates. While doing so, we welcome their questions and give them logical answers.


Each member’s precise classification and naming system, together with easy-to-understand and extensive annotations for items, ensures precision.

Benefits of Flooring Estimating Services we are providing

We are providing the takeoff estimates at affordable prices. We have handled hundreds of flooring estimating projects, and our staff has extensive experience handling large-scale efforts. Here are a few of purposes whether you should work with us:

  • In the actual world, our forecasts are 99% correct.
  • Our system response is quick, ranging from 24 to 48 hours.
  • Takeoffs are available for a low cost.
  • Scanned screenshots are shared with you.
  • All of our work is subject to free revisions.

Why use our Flooring Estimating Services?

We are dedicated to offering the most precise take-offs and estimations at the most competitive prices. Our staff has managed large-scale projects and has worked on hundreds of flooring estimating projects. Here are some reasons whether you should collaborate with us:

  • Our predictions are 99 percent correct.
  • Our turnaround time is between 24 and 48 hours.
  • Users protect a substantial amount of time and effort.
  • You might obtain takeoffs at dirt cheap prices.
  • We supply digital screenshots.
  • We offer free revisions.

Therefore, if you have a project and want a material, please send us the designs by email or contact page. We will always respond with a proposal as quick as practicable.

We hope our website provides all the information you need!

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