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Material Takeoff & Construction Estimating Services

What we're offering

Construction Estimating company Services

General & Subcontractors Estimates

We craft highly accurate construction bids for contractors and subcontractors. Our secret? Location-specific costs integrated into our custom databases, ensuring precise estimates every time.

Estimate For Architects & Design

We offer unique design estimates for architects & designers, covering all design stages from initial sketches to final construction documents.


Monthly Take OFF Packages For Busy Contractors

We offer monthly packages that slash your in-house estimator’s expenses by up to 60%. Minimize costs and maximize efficiency.

Construction And Bid Filling

We unlock your construction edge. Expert consultations clarify cost estimating, guide takeoffs, and sharpen budgets. Win bids, secure projects, and build with confidence.


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Many contractors lose their money on an average of more than $250,000 per month because they don’t bid due to a lack of construction estimation resources and time.

Softwares we Use !

Estimating Companies we've worked with

Frequently asked
questions !

Yes, you can inspect our estimated samples on every different service page of our website. We have done several estimating projects for different clients. Our clients include contractors, subcontractors, developers, architects, residential projects, painting, drywall, framing, and others.

We are not dealing with projects according to time, and our pricing relies on a per-project basis. Our experts deliver estimates for different busy contractors that demand “on-demand” estimates to complete it. Further, our contractor’s bid is based on a few projects in a month. We provide cost-effective and reliable pricing to save your construction project cost and complete it within a certain time limit.

Paragon Estimating is a reliable platform that delivers accurate and cost-efficient results using different software for estimating. Our labor and material pricing comes from the usage of the following software.

  • Plan Swift
  • RS Means
  • Blue beam
  • Quest Estimating
  • Fast PIPE
  • Fast DUCT
  • IMHS Marks Systems
  • Trimble

Paragon estimating company is reliable enough to deal with every sort of possibility to assist clients. There’s no need to worry about anything because our expert estimators can estimate the cost of a project easily. They rely on quantities and drawings given by you.


We specialize in every construction domain for estimating. Simply, these domains include commercial, residential and industrial. Similarly, we perform estimates for remodeling and new construction projects.

Payment Terms & Policies

After Receiving Your Plans/Drawings We Will Email You A Quote (Proposal) Of The Full Costs To Perform Your Estimate Based On Your Specific Needs For Each Project. We Will Need The Approval Or Authorization Through E-Mail. We Must Require Upfront Payment Of 50% Of The Quoted Fee As Per Invoice Before We Begin Work On Your Project. After Completion Of Project We Will Deduct Final Payment And Send You Final Reports Via Email Or Our Website

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Estimation Services

Dream Big, Build Bigger with Paragon Estimating! Expert construction estimators, draftsmen, and project managers provide precision planning and impeccable estimates for your projects. Get top-notch online estimating services today!

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