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Landscaping Estimating Services

Our Services

Paragon Estimating is well-known among Landscaping Estimating Services. Paragon Estimating Takeoffs’ estimates have been very well received by these contractors and other landscaping clients. Our services have tremendously aided them in their landscaping undertakings.

We have the expertise to give Landscaping estimations to fulfill the needs of your construction project. Our expert landscape estimators are trustworthy and efficient enough to employ cloud-based technology for their clients’ landscape takeoff, concrete estimating, softscape estimating, irrigated estimating, irrigation water budget plan, sprinkler system estimates, and so on. We improve your bid process by utilizing strong measurement, markup, and cutting capabilities to increase accuracy and decrease bid time.

List of distinct characteristics catered by us

  • Our skilled landscaping estimator can precisely measure and check material quantities for a variety of weirdly shaped locations.
  • We are able to bid on more work in less time and are armed with valuable measurement tools.
  • The Paragon Estimating Auto Counting tool is capable of searching for and quantifying plan symbols.
  • We are skilled enough to factor in crew work and production efficiency for total cost estimations.


Clients we have managed at our platform

Landscaping is an essential component of the construction of homes, workplaces, resorts, villas, lofty buildings, wood structures, and other structures. Landscape estimating is used by a wide range of clients because of its wide applications in the construction industry. People of all kinds of life make up this demographic. We are providing the following services.

  • Homeowner
  • Vendors
  • Investors
  • Engineers
  • Contractors in landscaping
  • Designers
  • Building contractors


Our Landscaping Takeoff Services

Our skilled estimators organize our landscaping takeoffs services. They provide accurate estimation figures for landscape in professional landscaping takeoffs by taking correct measurements of the region. They provide the following estimation services:

  • Landscaping Estimating
  • Hardscape Estimating
  • Sprinkler System Estimates
  • Sprinkler System Cost Estimates
  • Sprinkler System Installation Cost Estimates
  • Softscape Estimating
  • Irrigation Estimating
  • Sprinkler Estimates
  • Sprinkler system price estimates
  • Drip Irrigation Cost Estimates

Our company is providing the best Landscaping Estimating Services

In the market, there are a plethora of estimating firms. Every business has a conflict with the others. Therefore, what distinguishes us from the competition. We have a team of qualified landscaping estimators on staff who can help you with landscaping estimates. Our estimators are well-versed in the field of landscaping. They have a thorough understanding of using landscape estimating software. Furthermore, as a result of their significant prior experience, they are really in customer demand.

In addition to all of that, our landscaping estimation services provide our clients with the following additional benefits:

  • The highest degree of accuracy is guaranteed.
  • Our estimating procedure is quick. With it, we assist you in increasing your chances of winning bids.
  • Every material and labor requirement is clearly presented to ensure that the actual process runs well.
  • The current technology and building trends are recommended to be geared and materials.
  • Our landscape cost estimators maintain cost information up to date and include the most recent costs in our landscape estimating services.
  • Estimates are provided in the format requested, saving you time in understanding.
  • The estimate also includes contingencies.
  • Contingencies are also included in the estimate.
  • Expert advice is accessible 7 days a week.


Materials & Items including in our Landscaping Estimating Services

Landscaping any area of land needs a significant amount of material and effort. These are the essential components of the overall project. To carry out such an activity, a large number of material items must be available to provide a steady flow of work. When a customer asks landscape estimation services from us , the following components are included based on the design:

  • The distribution system for water utilities
  • Utilities on the earth
  • Drainage of Strom
  • Subdrainage
  • Reservoirs and ponds
  • System of insulated pipes
  • Erosion prevention
  • Seed
  • Specialty sport terrain
  • Grass and turf
  • Mulch
  • Gravel
  • Tiles
  • Shrubs
  • Boulders
  • Pavers made of brick
  • Pavers made of stone
  • Concrete pavers
  • Gate and fence
  • Irrigation

Our Landscaping Method

Whether or whether an estimate is valuable depends on a variety of elements, including the technique being prepared. We indicate that the entire procedure is carried out with the utmost accuracy and simplicity, containing all of the relevant information.

Our landscaping estimating is primarily done using landscape estimating software. Our skilled estimators make effective use of cloud-based estimation software such as:

  • They ensure that all measurements are taken accurately.
  • All calculations are precise in order to reduce waste and inconsistencies.
  • Material prices are calculated based on the most recent vendor quotes.
  • The schedule is efficiently used, and delivery is made on time.

We provide Landscaping Estimating Services

Through PlanSwift estimating software, we use cloud-based estimate software for our varied variety of Landscaping estimating. The following are a few methods for managing Landscaping takeoff services using PlanSwift.

Determine surface area, volume, and linear measurements precisely.

Our goal is to obtain accurate area measurements for sod, stones, mulching, and other materials quickly and easily, possibly with a simple touch.

Get an approximate professional estimate by pointing, clicking, dragging, and dropping.
Estimation that is accurate and timely. It’ll save your time and revenue of the business.

Our use of Plan Quick generates precise material lists that include the number of yards purchased for a civic park and many feet of edging for just about any residential street. Plan Swift’s various tools can successfully assist in measuring areas, volumes, and lengths in order to fulfill complex curves with ease. It is a helpful count tool for determining the exact variety of species to order & their positioning.

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