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Our Trades

Our Trades

Drywall, Concrete, Electrical, Plumbing and all the other estimations are available under one roof.


Drywall Estimating Services

If you are searching for the drywall estimating services, then abandon your search. It is so, because we are the answer to your search. In this context, our experienced team will provide the best services at affordable prices. So, choose the quality at less cost. Contact us for further information.

Concrete Estimating Services

Concrete Estimating Services

In construction, concrete estimating services are essential for everyone who is building something. Without these estimates, one can not move forward in the construction process. We are providing these services at affordable rates. Hence, you can contact us for such services.

Electrical Estimating Services

Are you looking for the electrical estimating services? If yes, then luckily you are on the right page as we are providing all these services. You are trying to win a bid or you want electrical estimates for any other purpose. You can consider us. We are offering the turnkey, specific system estimates and all the other electrical estimations. So, contact us for these services.

Mechanical Estimating Services

If you are looking to win a bid or you want to increase your profit, then you need accurate mechanical estimating services. We are serving as mechanical estimators and helping our clients to maximize their profit. We people have worked on multiple mechanical estimate projects for our customers.

Plumbing Estimating Services

Plumbing Estimating Services

Plumbing system is essential for any home or building. Further , the accurate estimation of the plumbing system can increase your profit margin. In this regard, if you want high quality plumbing estimating services then you can contact us. We have highly experienced people who can give the right plumbing estimates. Ultimately, it will enhance your profit.

HVAC Estimating Services

Heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system in a residential or commercial place, can not be neglected. Many HVAC contractors contact us for the true HVAC estimating services. It is so, because we are experienced enough and give real estimations that can help the customers. As a result, if you are searching for such a service, then consider us for the quality work.

Duct Takeoff Services

Paragon estimation is offering the duct takeoff services with the experienced team of duct takeoff service providers. In this context, our efficient team provides the reliable duct takeoff services. We have the experience of 27 years which simply means that we can give accurate and matchless results. Moreover, we are using the best softwares for duct estimation.

MEP Estimating Services

Mechanical, electrical, and plumbing are the essential parts of any residential and commercial building. In this regard, the estimates of MEP can be difficult if the person has not enough experience. Hence, you should have the best MEP estimating services for such estimates. In this context, you can consider us as we have the experience of 27 years. Experience matters in every field. So choose the experience, choose us.

Piping Estimating Services

Piping Estimating Services

If you are looking for the piping estimating services for your construction project, then you are on the right page. We are experienced piping estimators and providing our clients the services of pipe estimates. We deal with the piping fitting estimates for the industries. Our experts understand all the piping systems of the multiple industries. By the dint of this, you can choose us for your right guidance.

Painting Estimating Services

We are offering painting estimating services for the variety of our clients. We have the experience of 27 years in estimation services. If you are looking for such a service, then you can consider us as we are experienced enough. Further, we give these services 24/7 and our team will respond to you in no time.

Roofing Estimating Services

Roofing estimates are imperative, whether you are building a home or constructing any commercial entity. Owing to the accurate estimate of roofing, you will not face any muddle-situation. Our roofing estimating services can give you the right figures that will save your time and money. If you are looking for expert roofing estimators, then it is the time, you can choose us.

Flooring Estimating Services

Flooring estimates can create difficulty. However, you can get the best flooring estimating services by hiring us as we are experienced enough. If you want the right flooring estimates and no situation of mess, then it is time to choose us. If you choose us, you will save your money and time.

Masonry Estimating Services

If you are trying to get the masonry estimating services, then you are in the pertinent place. As we are providing all the masonry estimates for our clients. Further, we are using the latest softwares which gives us accurate figures. Moving on, we have the experience of 27 years which gives us more value in the market. So, contact us for the best services.

Electrical Estimating Outsourcing

Paragon estimation is providing the electrical estimating outsourcing. The company has the expertise of matchless electrical engineers that can provide the exact estimates. Whether you are building a home, or constructing any other building, you need an electrical estimation. So, you can contact us.

Millwork Estimating Services

Are you searching for the millwork estimating services? If yes, then you are on the right page, as we are providing millwork estimations. Whether you are looking for carpentry estimation or you are searching the cabinetry estimation, we are providing all the estimates. Our talented team and quick response to our customers, make us competent in the market. So, choose us.

Sitework Estimating Services

Site work project workers, arranging workers for hire, land designers, general project workers, and site contractors can get the site work estimation. With exact figures, they win more offers and cut their overhead expenses. It means site work estimating services are required for the contractors and others who want to construct any building. So, for the best site work estimates, you can hire us.

Landscaping Estimating Services

Are you searching for the landscaping estimating services? Are you confused in calculating the yards distance and its expenses? Don’t worry at all. We are here to tell you all these things and can guide you in every step of doing that. Why would we guide you? Simply, we are experienced people that can help you maximise your profit. So, contact us.

Preliminary Estimating Services

Are you searching the preliminary estimating services? Are you drawing the multiple plans to construct your project? If it is so, then you need preliminary estimation as you are feeling frustrated by this process. It also means that you have the dire need to hire a preliminary estimator. Hence , you can work with Paragon estimation which is a leading estimation provider. So , you can contact us for these services.

Metals Estimating Services

Metals can create confusion in the process of estimation. Only the experienced person or company can give accurate results or estimations. Our company is giving metals estimating services to our countless customers. Further, our experienced team can give you the correct analysis of the metals. As a result, you can contact us for this purpose.

Gutter Estimating Services

Do you want to solve the problem of gutter estimation? Are you wondering how to get the best gutter estimating services? Then, congratulations to you. You have found the Paragon Estimation, a company with experience of 27 years. This can provide you with the quality service that you want. Hence, contact here.

Rebar Estimating Services

Are you searching for rebar estimating services? Then you can leave the search now. As you have landed on the right page. We are giving rebar estimates for our countless customers over the years. Now, you can be one of them and maximize your profit by taking our quality services. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us.

Openings Estimating Services

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Thermal/Moisture Protection Estimating

Thermal/moisture protection estimating is imperative because it can give the figure to understand the protection estimates. These estimates are helpful for your guidance and can multiply your profit. Most of the time, clients contact us for thermal protection estimation as we are experts in these services. If you are looking for such an estimation, you can also tell us.

Insulation Estimating Services

Offering you the most dependable, exact, and opportune insulation estimating services to fulfill your bid time constraints and beat the opposition. Our master assessors have long periods of expanded involvement with assessing different sorts of protection estimates. including fiberglass, mineral fleece, cellulose or splash polyurethane froth protection and meet the complete necessities of the undertaking and assumptions for the customers.

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