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Preliminary Estimating Services

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A preliminary estimate is an estimate of the project’s cost that is calculated during the conceptual phase of the work. Preliminary estimation services are created when project designs and requirements are not available. It estimates the overall project budget of the particular construction project.

Preliminary estimating services and the existing construction may be ready for demolition or repair work. The estimated cost may vary little or significantly depending on the project’s available information. Nonetheless, it aids the client/contractor develop an initial budget and cost-control strategy. NEDES ESTIMATING also offers these estimating services for commercial & Residential Estimating Services projects. Get our Preliminary Takeoffs services now!

The estimation method and units differ depending on the kind of infrastructure.

For Building: The cost is calculated per sq foot, per cubic foot, per room, and per resident for this Preliminary Estimating service.

For Highways & Roads: The pace per kilometer is determined by the thickness of the levels and the relation to the construction material.

For Irrigation Channels: The cost for this Preliminary Estimation is prepared per kilometer basis. It can also be calculated per hectare (surface irrigated by riverfront channel).

Prepare a Preliminary Estimate for the Construction Project

The preliminary estimated cost of a building is based on the area and length dimensions of several structural parts. Furthermore, the site’s overall square footage determines the approximate cost of constructing the home, plaza, or multi-story buildings. Most clients want a preliminary cost estimate from contractors, which helps to have a basic sense of the overall expenses for the project’s completion. There is where our Preliminary Estimating Services come in handy.  As a consequence, we should say that it is based on the following:

  • Total building square footage
  • Measurements in Lines
  • Measurements of Surface (Rooms, Floors, etc.)


This is supported by a thorough estimate, which contains a list of all building materials and requirements. The complete BOQ can be priced based on the cost of each item, such as masonry estimates, concrete estimates, and so on. The overall budget amounts for the building can be precisely estimated in this manner. The quantity takeoff worksheet can be easily priced by entering the unit cost, and most clients want cost-filled BOQs from contractors.

Our Preliminary Estimation Services providers offer Material takeoff sheets that are accessible in various forms online and can be used to produce a preliminary budgetary estimation for construction work during the project planning phase. Typically, this estimate is created by reusing templates and formats from previously completed work. The spreadsheets are adjusted based on the new project’s requirements and scope. The unit cost might even differ depending on the type of construction, project area, site location, project significance, and building techniques.

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Submit your plans and specifications (Dropbox link, Plans Portal link, etc.) at or go to our email address, upload the file, and fill out the form.

Request a Quote

Our professionals will get back to you with an initial quote that includes your project’s cost, lead times, and delivery schedule. Consequently, you can charge with a credit or debit card.

Obtain an Estimating

After completing the entire calculation and analysis, our estimators will hand over your estimates. These estimates will be given to you in Spreadsheets, either in our template or in the format you supply.

Why choose our accurate Preliminary Estimating Services?

Paragon Estimating provides preliminary budget estimation with great precision. By hiring our skilled estimators, you will get the first cost breakdown and material takeoff for construction and civil engineering projects. We offer professional assistance to contractors and owners who wish to know the anticipated cost of completing a construction project. Our staff has a vast knowledge of creating construction budgets, material takeoff services, and estimations. We provide our Preliminary estimation services around the world at extremely reasonable costs, and many contractors benefit from our estimating services.

Contact our expert preliminary estimators and have the best solutions for your estimation issues!

Benefits of our Preliminary Estimating Services

You may be asking why customers require this preliminary estimate from the builder. The primary reasons are as follows:

  • Enables the customer to select the finest contractor.
  • Aids in the rapid planning and execution of projects.
  • Aids in the management of the project’s budgets and expenses.
  • To acquire a preliminary estimate of the overall construction cost.
  • Gather information on the primary materials needed ahead of time.


Contractors typically provide the customer with the unit cost (such as cost per square foot), which may then be multiplied by the total footprint of the building to calculate the preliminary estimate. The whole number of floors in the case of multi-story buildings calculates the cost per level. Since contractors are always busy with work, onsite meetings and handling various other development operations, they need more time to prepare estimates. Our Preliminary Estimation acts as the light at the end of the tunnel for all those busy contractors and eventually helps them win bids while they are handling their ongoing projects.

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