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Accurate, efficient, and professional commercial estimating services designed for commercial general contractors, subcontractors, commercial zone developers, lenders, architectural, engineering, and design firms.

Commercial estimating requires sound and in-depth technical knowledge along with precision and experience. We believe that an accurate estimate serves as a primary tool for budget creation and cost control throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Our Estimators have a great deal of experience of commercial takeoffs and estimation with a diversified portfolio in North American, the Caribbean, and Australian construction industries including renovation, restoration, addition, and new construction. Each project is reviewed by senior project managers having past experience of estimating a huge commercial portfolio of projects.

  • Do you need consultancy with the estimation and scheduling of commercial construction projects?
  • Or you don’t have the expertise to perform bill of material for a specific trade, size, or complexity?
  • Or you are not confident about how to prepare and file a bidding proposal?


We have got you covered. With the team of expert quantity surveyors, consultants, and engineers, we can ensure accurate and timely services tailored to your specific needs. We help you achieve your goals whether that involves preparing estimates, setting profit margins, or smartly filing bidding proposals that can set you apart from the competition.

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We offer the following Commercial Cost Estimates:

What do we offer?

Initial Price Quotes for the Private Sector

Commercial developers of our commercial estimation services are in a unique position since they get to weigh in on crucial design choices long before anybody else. This is where our services come in.
As a result of our experience in evaluating several projects for our customers, we are able to provide preliminary pricing at an early stage in the planning phase and can draw on our extensive database to do so.

Preliminary Cost Plans and Budgets

Soon after you have completed your construction designs, you will begin to receive bids from general contractors (GCs) and subcontractors. How can you know whether the costs they list are fair? Yet, how exactly can you negotiate for a lower price?
Our commercial estimating services help compare costs and decide where investments should be made. Additionally, it will alert you to any portions of your project that may require reworking before it is too late to do so.

How will our Commercial Estimators work on your Project?

First, our estimators get together for a formal meeting to determine the full extent of the project. This also involves delegating work to estimators with relevant industry experience. Then, after analyzing the client-provided project documentation and requirements, the trade specialist estimators import the plans using cutting-edge software and use the point-and-click approach to measure the dimensions and scales to digitally take off the amounts.

When the on-screen takeoffs are complete, the data is sent to EXCEL spreadsheets where it is organized by department or CSI cost pattern.

Our commercial estimator will cover material and labor expenses. It includes union dues and prevailing pay rates, as well as other considerations, such as standard time and overtime, which may be accurately estimated thanks to our relationships with regional suppliers and RSMeans.

The lead estimator then performs a supplementary check as part of quality assurance and quality control for the project’s outputs.

Why we should be reliable Estimating Partners for Commercial Estimating Services?

We provide accurate estimates for commercial building projects so that your business may expand successfully. As a result of their rapid expansion in the business sector, our clients rely on the precise estimates provided by top digital commercial construction estimating services companies in Australia or the United States.

The right commercial building estimates need in-depth understanding in addition to accuracy and information. Our firm is of the opinion that precise measurement is a vital resource for developing and maintaining a project’s budget and controlling associated costs.

Whether it’s a repair, a replacement, an expansion, or a whole new build, our expert Estimators have you covered. Senior project managers with expertise in evaluating a diverse commercial project portfolio oversee each one.

The most precise and fast services, catered to your exact requirements, may be guaranteed thanks to our team of skilled inspectors, consultants, and engineers. When it comes to producing bid proposals that will set you apart from the competition, we can assist you with anything from changing estimates to determining profit margins. Your company may take the worldwide construction industry by storm with the help of AS Estimations and its experts and their quality-based approach.

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